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Hunter PGJ-04 4 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor

Hunter PGJ-04 4 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor
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Hunter PGJ-04 4 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor

    PGJ CutawayThe Hunter PGJ Rotor Series is comparable to the Hunter PGP Series rotor because they share the same features and benefits.

    The Hunter PGJ Rotor offers all of the features and benefits as the PGP Series, but has been scaled down to fit most of your typical spray applications. Hunter sometimes refers to the Hunter PGJ Rotor as the Hunter PGP "Junior" because they share so many of the same qualities. The Hunter PGJ combines efficiency and convenience for an all-in-one economical price!
    Features & Benefits

    1 complete set of standard nozzles per rotor
    1 Set of Instructions (1 per shipment)
    Radius adjustment screw
    Allows fine tuning of spray; ensures positive nozzle retention; can't be lost
    Protective rubber cover
    Keeps debris out
    40 degree - 60 degree adjustable arc
    Easily adjustable from top of sprinkler; up; down; wet or dry
    Water-lubricated gear drive
    Time proven; reliable rotation; year after year
    Variable stator
    Keeps rotation speed consistent regardless of nozzle size or pressure
    Extra large filter screen
    Traps more debris without clogging


    Discharge rate: .64 to 5.3 GPM (0.15 to 1.2 m3/hr; 2.4 to 20.1 l/min)
    Radius: 15' to 37' (4.6 to 11.3 m)
    Recommended pressure range: 30 to 50 PSI (2.1 to 3.4 bars; 206 to 344 kPa)
    Operating pressure range: 20 to 100 PSI (1.4 to 6.9 bars; 137 to 689 kPa)
    Precipitation rates: approximately 0.60" (16 mm) per hour at 40 PSI (2.8 bars; 275 kPa) for spacings from 16' to 37' (4.6 to 11.3 m)
    Nozzle trajectory: approximately 14 degrees
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