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Hunter PROS-12 12 in. Pop-Up Sprinkler Spray Head

Hunter PROS-12 12 in. Pop-Up Sprinkler Spray Head

Hunter PROS-12 12 in. Pop-Up Sprinkler Spray Head

Hunter PROS-12 12 in. Pop-Up Sprinkler Spray Head


Pro-Spray: A Rugged Contractor Friendly Spray for Residential and Commercial Projects
At last, Hunter has created a spray sprinkler rugged enough to stand up to the needs of a professional contractor.
Designed for a long life of reliable operation, the new Hunter Pro-Spray has been manufactured with the precision required to ensure peak performance for years to come. This solid performer boasts heavy-duty ABS construction, including an extra-thick body and cap previously unheard of in a Hunter spray. Exclusive body ribs make the Pro-Spray easier to install, adjust and service while also providing more stability for the sprinkler in loose soils. But brawn isn’t all this product offers.
The new Pro-Spray also features a user-friendly “pull-up” flush cap that helps keep debris to a minimum and a multi-function wiper seal that eliminates flow-by. Add in the Pro-Spray’s compatibility with all industry standard female nozzles – as well as Hunter’s own complete line-up of adjustable, fixed, short radius, micro-spray and specialty nozzles – and you have the industry’s most sophisticated spray sprinkler. A spray designed with the professional in mind.
Features & Benefits
• Heavy-duty body and cap construction
Multi-thread buttress design withstands the harshest Environments
• Pressure activated, multi-function, no flow-by wiper seal
Easy to remove and clean; treated with UV inhibitors to ensure long life
• Compatible with All Female Threaded Nozzles
Accepts adjustable, fixed and specialty nozzles from Hunter and all major brands
• Optional factory-installed drain check valve (CV) for up to 10 feet elevation change
Eliminates landscape damage from flooding and erosion
• Ratcheting riser for quick arc alignment
Make adjustments while irrigation sprinkler is operating
• Heavy-duty spring
For positive retraction under any conditions
• Innovative pop-top flush plug design
Allows limited flow permitting controlled directional flushing
• 1/2" standard side inlet on 6" and 12" models
Installation convenience for deep seated bodies
• Recommended pressure range: 15 to 70 psi (1.0 to 4.8 bars; 103 to 483 kPa)
• Flow-by: 0 at 10 psi (.7 bars; 68 kPa) or greater; .1 gpm (0.02 m3/hr; 0.4 l/min) otherwise
• Precipitation rates: approximately 1.5" (38 mm) per hour
• Overall height:
PROS-04 – 5-7/8" (15.5 cm)
PROS-06 – 8-3/4" (22.5 cm)
PROS-12 – 16-1/8" (41 cm)
• 1/2" female inlet NPT
• Exposed diameter: 2" (5.7 cm)


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