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Hunter PCC1200 12 Zone Outdoor Sprinkler Timer

 Hunter PCC1200 12 Zone Outdoor Sprinkler Timer

Hunter PCC1200 12 Zone Outdoor Sprinkler Timer

Hunter PCC1200 12 Zone Outdoor Sprinkler Timer
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This controller no longer includes a SmartPort wiring harness, even though it says in the manual that it is included. However, a SmartPort wiring harness IS included when you purchase a Hunter remote control system.

The Hunter PCC Series Controller / Timer is an affordable, eco-friendly, yet feature-packed landscape control solution for irrigation contractors all over. Go Green with Hunter Pro-C Convential Series Controller and Solar Sync!

Debating which controller to choose? The new Hunter Pro-C PCC Series is your cost-effective choice to save some capital. Focused on economics, the Pro-C PCC is a simple option for fixed station control, when you know what you need. And if you elect to have the new Solar Sync as a running mate, the Pro-C PCC is designed for the sensor to be installed directly in the controller cabinet, for a compact, coordinated system.

The best under the sun. The Pro-C Conventional works even harder with our new Solar Sync. The solar sensor
measures the sun’s rays and temperature to keep your
lawn at peak performance with optimal watering. That
means no worrying when temperatures are too hot or
too cold. So take a break! We won't tell.
Specifications & Features

  • Compatible with Hunter's Solar Sync Sensor (Solar Sync Not Included)
  • Easy Retrieve Memory allows for retrieval of saved program.
  • Total run time calculator determines total of individual station run times per program.
  • Sensor programmable by station allows continued watering on specific zones during rain events.
  • Remote control ready. Supplied with connection for ROAM and ICR remote controls.
  • Large LCD display for simplified programming.
  • Independent scheduling options: Days of the week, odd/even, or 31-day intervals.
  • Non-volatile memory: No battery required for backing up programs and current date and time; holds programs indefinitely; excellent insurance against unreliable power.
  • Two levels of superior surge protection: Includes Hunter Quick Check™ self-diagnostic short circuit protection; microcircuits are protected from electrical spikes, with no fuses to worry about.
  • Three programs (A, B, C) with multiple start times: Independent programming handles various watering requirements.
  • Central control compatibility: Ready to work with Hunter's IMMS water management system.
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