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Hunter RainClik Rain Sensor

Hunter RainClik Rain Sensor
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Hunter RainClik Rain Sensor
  • Rain-Clik’s Quick Response™ turns off systems the instantrain starts to fall.


    • Hunter’s unique Quick Response™ feature
      No need for water to accumulate for shutoff
    • Rugged Construction
      Heavy-duty polycarbonate housing and metal extension arm
    • Set a maximum dry-out period
      Adjust the irrigation re-start to account for varying amounts of rain
    • Maintenance-free patented sensing mechanism
      No callbacks — just set it and forget it
    • Includes 7.6 m of 0.8 mm sheathed, two-conductor wire
      Simple to add on to a new or existing installation
    • Optional bypass switch
      Adds flexibility to the system


    • Wiring: normally closed or normally open
    • Time to turn off irrigation system: 2-5 minutes for the Quick Response™ feature
    • Time to reset the Quick Response™ unit: 4 hours maximum under dry sunny conditions
    • Time to reset: 3 days maximum under dry sunny conditions for the total rainfall compensation unit
    • Switching capabilities: Single Pole Double throw - 24 volts 3 amps
    • Operating temperature: 0˚ C to 54˚ C (32°F - 130°F)
    • Vent ring allows for adjustment of reset delay
    • UV colorfast and stable materials
    • UL listed
    • Optional gutter mount for Rain-Clik (order SGM)
    • Freeze sensor shuts system off when temperatures fall below 3C° (37°F) (Rain/Freeze-Clik Model)
    • 24 volt; 3 AMP Switch
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